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Navita Health Editorial Guidelines

Navita Health Editorial Guidelines

Updated Last June 5, 2024 • Published by: Facility Staff

Navita Health is an outpatient treatment center that aims to help resolve the mental health care crisis in Texas – one recovered person at a time.

And we want every page and blog post on our website to reflect that purpose. Here, you can learn more about our editorial process from start to finish.

Our Mental Health Content Process

First, we select mental health topics that are important for our audience, or residents in Texas who need help with a mental health issue.

The content team researches pertinent mental health topics, then writes, edits, and publishes pages, articles, and blog posts for our audience. 

Throughout this process, accuracy, attention to detail, and recency are of utmost importance. 

We ensure that all topics are thoroughly researched, written with care, and reviewed by at least three people before the page goes live on our website. 

Some choices that inform our content process include:

  • Word choice (we avoid stigma and bias)
  • Timeliness (we only include the most up-to-date information)
  • Credibility (we only publish information backed by credible sources)

How Do We Find Mental Health Topics?

The Navita Health content team finds topics to cover through a number of avenues, paying special attention to the topics that are most pertinent for the people we treat.

Here are some ways we find mental health topics for Navita Health:

  • Client input: We listen to our guests and value their contributions.
  • Databases: Many topics come from current research into new/emerging treatments.
  • News journals: Trending mental health topics are covered by Navita as quickly as possible.
  • Keyword research: A digital marketing tactic, we find out what people are searching for in relation to mental health and cover those exact topics.
  • Mental health forums: The most direct ways to find relevant topics are by going straight to the source — the people in need of care.

Once we have a list of topics, we use what we call a strategy to assign them to the appropriate type of content, from blog pages to web posts to copy for our website.

All of the content on our website has a common purpose of raising awareness of mental health, educating the public about the importance of recovery, and reducing mental health care stigma.

Navita Health Content Editorial Process

Find a more detailed description of our editorial content process at Navita Health below.

Step 1: Research

Before putting pen to page, we spend quite a bit of time researching each topic. We pull detailed information from databases, scientific journals, mental health organizations, educational institutions, and governmental associations.

To ensure factual accuracy, we only cite sources in our content that feature facts, statistics, and information backed by careful research. 

Step 2: Writing

Our talented content writers then utilize the research to craft a page or blog post that combines the factual information with empathy and compassion.

Writers on our content team are well-versed in mental health topics, and have an interest in mental health and treatment.

Step 3: Editing/Publishing

Writers submit their final draft to the content editors, who check the page for accuracy, clarity, language choice, and flow. 

No page is ever published without editing to ensure all of our pieces align with our commitment to providing high-quality mental health and treatment information.

Once the page is revised to our standards, we publish and promote it for our audience. 

Step 4: Updating

Navita Health upholds our mission of providing timely, relevant mental health access information. To that end, we perform regular updates to our content to ensure it remains up-to-date and contains the latest information supported by research.

Should you find any errors or out-of-date information, we invite you to reach out to us at

The Navita Health Content Marketing Team

A great website is only as strong as the team who compiled it, and Navita Wellness is fortunate to have a team of highly dedicated individuals who mastermind its content.

We rely on our content managers, writers, editors, and other digital marketers who make our site what it is: a wealth of information and resources for Texas residents and their families in need of mental health care.

Our Content Purpose 

At Navita Health, we aim to bring high-quality, effective mental health treatment to Texas residents — the people in the nation with some of the least access to care.

That’s why we take time and spend the effort to ensure each piece of content we publish is aimed toward that purpose.

We believe in helping people access the care necessary to reach long-term recovery, without having the financial burden of a high-price-tag program.


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